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visa and hotel

All foreign travelers to Ethiopia must have a visa. You must first register and pay for the Conference. You are strongly encouraged to apply for your conference visa online rather than at the Embassy in your city of residence.  The online process takes 5-7 working days.

Please carefully read the following steps:

Once you have proof of your registration and payment, please email it to icphcvisa@flawlessevents.net along with a copy of your passport bio data page.

The team will then send you the necessary documents to apply for your conference visa online which are: an invitation letter and an application letter and other required licenses.

Conference visas are valid for 30 days from the intended dates of arrival in Ethiopia.

The following passports are exempt from visa application: Kenya, Djibouti and Diplomatic.



Discounted rates are only available by contacting the hotels listed on our website. Please enter the discount code "ICPHC" when booking to receive the discounted price. Any bookings made outside of this modality will not qualify for the special rates.


Don’t forget to arrange for your airport transfer service directly with the hotel you have booked. There is no central airport shuttle service.


The Forum is hosted at Skylight Hotel. The area is known as “Bole.” In order to pick up your Conference badge, please make sure to have your electronic attendance confirmation along with proof of payment and your government issued ID (passport or local ID for Ethiopians)

× Info! Specific badge pick up dates and times will be communicated closer to the event date.


Group shuttle service will be provided from the hotel listed on the event website to the Venue. If you are staying at a different hotel, you can make your way to the shuttle pickup area or take a taxi. Most destinations are within $10-$15 range. Specific shuttle schedule routes and times will be communicated closer to the event date.

× Info! Specific shuttle schedule routes and times will be communicated closer to the event date..


Participants are encouraged to bring with them a dual-band mobile handset (900/1800 MHZ). The national telecommunications company, Ethio Telecom sales sim cards and airtime inside the airport arrival terminal.

In the city, you have the option of buying from Ethio Telecom or from Safaricom to various hotels.


September weather ranges from 10 to 23 degrees Celsius with a chance for light rain. With a sunny and mildly cool weather in the forecast, we still encourage you to pack a jacket as the mornings and evenings in Addis tend to be a bit chilly and windy.

The altitude in Addis Ababa is high, expect to experience light headedness. We recommend you constantly hydrate and rest when possible.

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