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About IPHC-E

The International Institute for Primary Health Care – Ethiopia (IPHC-E) is an organization founded by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia (MOH). We provide technical assistance to countries building strong Primary Health Care systems, through capacity building training, program design, and implementation. We also support the MOH through evidence-based policy recommendations, training of PHC leaders, implementation of innovation labs, and engagement on PHC related policy and strategy designs.


Explore our core functions

Core functions are essential, foundational activities that IPHC-E engages in to monitor, implement and evaluate PHC programs; communicate priorities, information, and guidance to stakeholders and external partners; and support efficiency in the management and operations of the Institute


To become a global center of excellence in Primary Health Care


To proactively engage and drive the advancement of primary health care policy and programing for the attainment of UHC.


Generating, searching and increasing access to evidence-based practices for health leaders, decision-makers and implanters is key to initiate and accelerate the scale-up of effective programs.

The ultimate objective of the institute’s research and training activities is to find solutions and facilitate action for strengthening Primary Health Care response.

The training and networking processes established by the institute are designed to empower collaborators and trainees by helping them to use their own untapped skills, knowledge and experience throughout the world.

The institute recognizes the importance of local culture and context in designing and implementing effective Primary Health Care programs.

Achieve the highest standard possible in policy, program and science of Primary Health Care.

Be diligent steward of the use of resources to achieve the Institutes Mission.